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If you have questions, please contact the Florida Department of Health Newborn Screening Office at  (850) 245-4201

Newborn screening results are not "diagnostic". Babies with "panic level" or high abnormal test results will be referred by the CMS Newborn Screening Follow-Up Program to a CMS Referral Center for further testing and evaluation; please contact the nearest referral center for more information. Babies with "borderline" test results may require a repeat newborn screening. At no time should symptoms be ignored; please contact a CMS Referral Center if you suspect the child is ill.

CMS Referral Centers Directory
Map of CMS Cystic Fibrosis Centers
Map of CMS Genetic and Endocrine Centers
Map of CMS Hematology/Oncology Centers
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If a child is uninsured, find out if Florida KidCare health insurance is available for the family. Visit the web site at www.floridakidcare.org or call toll-free 1-888-540-5437 for an application.